Consumed To Death EP


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released August 20, 2015

All music by DOOM
Bri Doom - Guitar, Stick - Drums, Scoot - Bass, Denis - Vocals
Recorded by Bri Doom at Studio 1in12.
Artwork by Raphael Gabrio


all rights reserved



DOOM Halifax, UK

Formed in 1987
....On March 18, 2005 Wayne Southworth (lead singer) died at his home. The cause of death was an epileptic seizure.....

2010: Doom is back…. the line-up keeps it “in the family”: ..Bri – Guitar, Stick – Drums, Scoot – Bass, Denis - Vocals
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Track Name: Consumed To Death
“Consumed To Death”

Consumed by big business corrupt control
Consumed by exploiters on the bankers role
Consumed by greed orchestrated by elites
Consumed by filthy lucre, grubby deceits

Consumed to death

Consumed by survival day by day
Consumed by governments stealing our rights away
Consumed by distractions, shiney, new & cool
Consumed by consumerism, perpetually fooled

Consumed to death

Murder, war, atrocities & hate
Fear & control tools of the state
Mass ignorance hyped by media lies
Consumed to death our humanity dies

Consumed by religious lies of faith
Consumed by fear of death if you apostate
Consumed by promises of nirvana once dead
Consumed by fanatics eager to behead

Consumed to death
Track Name: Sociopathic System
“Sociopathic System”

Survival of the ruthless, they destroy & dominate
Financial imbalance, discard dead weight
Destroying equality, fairness they betray
Death to all of us that get in their way

Ruthless profits the psychopathic state

Atomisation, alienation, poverty & absence of hope
Death to non believers, give them a rope
Vicious & violent they dominate with debt
Economics, trickonomics, financial threat

Ruthless profits the psychopathic state

Callous contempt for those who don't comply
Manipulative, conning pathological lies
Workers are targets & victims swept aside
Dispassionate & remorseless for those denied

Ruthless profits the psychopathic state
Track Name: Driven By Greed
“Driven by greed”

Over fishing and ocean dumpage
Depleting our precious seas.

Driven by greed

Insatiable thirst for oil
Callously ignorant of consequence

Driven by greed

Excessive desire to posses
Compromising the air we breathe

Driven by greed

Power wealth and gluttony
Greed driven assault on the earth

Driven by greed
Track Name: V. I. P.’s
“V. I. P.’s”

Political power perverted & sick
Twisted deviants with shrivelled dicks
Paedo network who own the law
Jim’ll fixed it for Thatcher’s hordes

VIP’s, VIP’s - sadomasochistic establishment disease

Glitter, Cyril, Morrison - Scum
Vulnerable young lives destroyed for fun
BBC, children's homes & hospitals cruised
Sordid orgies - innocence abused

VIP’s, VIP’s - sadomasochistic establishment disease

Lords, Dukes, MP’s & peers
Rape, torture, murder, fear
Corrupt investigations & cover-ups
Power-crazed, filthy, demented fucks

VIP’s, VIP’s - sadomasochistic establishment disease
Track Name: Life In Prism
“Life in Prism”

Thought police are watching you
Eavesdropping everything you say & do

Life in Prism

Sentenced to life, in virtual chains
Your data collected the NSA constraints

Life in Prism

GCHQ hacking your thoughts
Hopes & dreams now surveillance reports

Life in Prism

Living in the shadow of their
Terrorist fear.

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